Welcome to careersconnect@wsi

careersconnect @wsi is a web-based administration system that provides an electronic communication hub between students, employers and the TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute Job Placement Service. This system is used by nearly all NZ universities and a growing number of Australian universities.

careersconnect @wsi provides a specialised employment site, for the use of Western Sydney Institute students, providing access to current job opportunities. This service provides the vital link between industry and our students. If you are looking to employ a TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute student, then this is the service for you!

At present there are no advertising fees for job vacancies all that we request is that you advise careersconnect.wsi@tafensw.edu.au when the vacancy has been filled.

To use the system you must first be registered.

You MUST include your company ABN, this is a compulsory requirement for registration.

If you are not currently registered you can submit your application now by clicking on the 'register' button. If you are already registered or have been provided with a username/password combination by the WSI administrator then you will need to login to access all the features.

If you are submitting your registration now, then you must wait until the WSI administrator has approved your application before you can access all the features (you will be notified by email).

What does careersconnect@wsi Provide?

When you are registered as an employer on careersconnect@wsi you will be able to:

  • maintain your contact details and set your company into appropriate employment categories
  • add a list of contact people within your company, and specify what 'Service' (eg: Graduate Employment, Vacation Employment) they should be the primary contact for
  • add vacancies directly to the careersconnect system for students to search
  • edit and close the vacancies you have listed
  • view a history of all the previous vacancies you have listed on careersconnect
  • add events you are running to careersconnect@wsi for students to search (employment related only)

Please Note: At present there are no advertising fees for job vacancies; please refer to the "Fees and Charges" section for additional services available RE: costs and payment options. All items you add to careersconnect will be subject to approval by the WSI administrator.

If you have any queries about this system or are experiencing any difficulties using it, don't hesitate to contact the WSI Administrator by email careersconnect.wsi@tafensw.edu.au.